Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gustav Klimt- The Kiss (1908)

My golden framed print hangs in our
living room and is as tall as me
I carried it home and hung it myself~

Anniversary surprise.
Click on it to experience the beauty


Richard said...

My roommate used to have this hanging from his wall in our apartment.

The style is definitely inspired by the mosaics that Klimt saw during his travels in Europe. I think the most interesting thing about this piece, though, is the multiple interpretations it can bring about. What is the emotion present in the woman's face? Hard to pin down...

aviewaskew said...

your roomate has a great eye, now i'm trying to think which one? interesting point you make rich.. many have questioned the symbolism in the expression on her face-is she aloof, turning away, or being dominated by the man holding her face? like all great works of art, klimt's 'the kiss' makes you well as marvel at the sheer beauty. outstanding.

BBusterBrown said...

Ha, come now...You know it was Adam: the melancholy thinker.

aviewaskew said...

adam it is..yes, i can see that...sweet.