Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dear Urban Word,

You guys did a show at my High School, and I have to say, I was quite inspired by it. Up until then, I had really looked down on free-verse, spoken-word poetry, thinking that the ultimate poetry was that expressed with periodic rhyme and meter, i.e. sonnets. However, after seeing your performances, I realize that true poetry is in meaning, not in meter. I was especially inspired by the story of Xavier, the deaf poet, as portrayed by Amanda. I make this compliment not to diminish the talent of those at the performance, as it was all both inspiring and entertaining. I hope your organization continues to do what it is doing, and if I do, in fact, end up going to school in the New York City area, I would love to become involved with Urban Word.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Delta Blues tradition combined with heartfelt acoustic instrumentals and soulful songwriting.

Hailing from the Garden State, Bradford Anthony Tretola grew up in a very influential musical family. His father a great Hammond organist and pianist, his mother a passionate woman with a love for the Beatles and all the music of the 60's and 70's. At a very early age Brad began soaking up his parents vast record collection. Paying particularly close attention to the music of John Lennon and the Ventures, he began to fall in love with pop music. But upon hearing Chuck Berry and Eric Clapton he became obsessed with the electric guitar. After his parents suprised him on his 9th birthday with a black Series 10 electric guitar and a Gorilla practice amp, there was no looking back. At age 12 he was performing in bands with guys twice his age. By 15 he had begun his career as a touring musician, which exposed him to the musical and cultural influence of cities such as New York, Memphis and New Orleans. Growing deeper into the sounds and feeling of the Blues and Soul music, Brad eventually migrated to Austin, Texas in the Spring of '97, where at 19 he began working with some of the greatest and most passionate musicians this planet has to offer. He says his time in Austin proved to be the most pivotal and influential time of his life. Known particularly for his electric, acoustic and Delta styles of playing as well as his ability to feel at home in a variety of musical situations, Brad has traveled the country several times over and has been blessed with opportunities to meet, perform and record with some of his biggest musical heroes, including Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton of Double Trouble, Robben Ford and Phil Keaggy. Brad continues to tour the country in support of his passion for performing the music in his heart and the pursuit of the moments that transcend time and space. ..